LAVERA SPF 20, Sensitive Sunscreen, Spray, (125ml)
14.99€ 7.50€

Description: If you are looking for some natural sunscreen protection from the sun rays.  Lave..

Lavera, After Sun Lotion, (150ml)
12.99€ 8.00€

This organic After Sun Lotion contains all organic and natural ingredients which includes nourishin..

Lavera, Self-Tanning Cream, For Face, (50ml)
12.50€ 10.00€

A light tan for the face - with organic macadamia oil and organic sunflower oil.The new Lavera Self..

Lavera, Sun Sensitive, Sun Cream, SPF30, (75ml)
12.50€ 8.00€

The new SPF30 sunscreen by Lavera offers reliable sun protection and gentle care. Its composi..

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